Student Life Blog Post (Sarita Lavehim)

When I heard the Latino music on the main floor on a Thursday afternoon, my primary reaction was annoyed. I was trying to get work done and I was unable to concentrate while this music was playing too loud. As a couple minutes went by the music started to get very good, almost to the point where you just wanted to dance to it! I got up and went to join the crowd to listen to the awesome remixes. At this student life event everyone was clapping, dancing, singing and most importantly smiling. At first I went to the event alone and honestly felt a little uncomfortable loosening up to the music “alone” but finally I saw familiar faces and went to join them to this awesome music! This event was truly mind opening. It showed how so many people from different cultures can come together and unite through one culture’s music. When you looked around at your surroundings all you saw were happy faces “vibing” to the music. This event made me reevaluate my thoughts on student life and made me want to become more involved in the student life at Baruch College. But the remaining question is where to start? Baruch has so may clubs and sports teams to offer that it is so overhwelming to narrow it down! ┬áTo start off I plan on going to the main floor on Thursdays to see and also get to know club members and organizers to see where I will most likely fit. I will then narrow down my club options to two clubs that I found themes interesting and I will immediately join! This Latino event really brought to my attention that it can be very fun and exciting joining a club. It will give me the chance to make new friends and also to step out of my comfort zone!

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