Blog Post-National Suicide Prevention Week

  • On this day I attended one of the days of the National Suicide Prevention Week at Baruch College. At first glance, they challenged me with a question. The question was,” What were you made for?” In my head, I thought it was in order to fill my older sisters’ loneliness – which my parents told me was the reason. But I knew in reality I was here to make a difference in peoples lives. At least for the people who are around me or the people I surround myself with. At this event I was informed with of what suicide prevention is. Yes, its obvious, but they told me what it meant to them. Which was to prevent the further distress of suicide and the to mitigate the problems that surrounds that specific person. They also offered tips on healthy coping skills. This small event was more of a listening event for bringing awareness to this cause. Here I was simply informed and enlightened of the cause. I also learned on how to get even further involved off campus. Overall it was great.

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