Growing up in a community where art is ignored,also regarded as either having no real purpose or confusing it with entertainment, I believed that art enriched one’s personal and communal skills.After engaging in one of  BPAC’s resourceful performing events on the 10th , I realized how it presents a better perspective on all the branches of art, science, and the humanities within numerous organizations of Baruch.Attending a Classical Concert on the 10th, as a BPAC staff also assisted me with practical contact of valuable culture and art.At Daniel Colallilos CD Release Concert, it was my second day as a new faculty member where I started off with providing accessible seating and assistance upon the arrival of the guests to ensure proper accommodation.With assurance ofsuper flexible scheduldecorativees by Michael Eng, House Manager of BPAC, I was brave enough to attend my first on campus job at Baruch.Through this program I wish to explore different cultural values and changes, enhanching sensibility ,feelings,self-discipline and team work.

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