Michael Sappir Blog #3 Career

For my career blog post I attended a STARR workshop. The workshop I attended was the Baruch and beyond education roundtable. This was the last workshop I could attend before this blog post was due on tuesday and I needed a signature. It focused on careers in education that were not being a teacher. Many of the people there worked for nonprofits and not directly for schools although there were a few working directly for schools. There was food in the back of the room but I didn’t have any. It apparently wasn’t very good.

The event turned into a mix of a networking event and an informational one. We would be sat at a table, usually two students and two alumni, and we would talk about what they do for their job and how they got to where they are today. After about 10 minutes we would switch tables and repeat the process. We did this three times and each time the two alumni had completely different jobs. The first table had someone who organized after school activities for charter schools and someone who worked as a college counselor in a charter school. The second table had a former principal and someone who worked at a nonprofit focused on education. The third and final table I made it to had two people. One of whom I knew, he was part of the college now program at Baruch. A program I was in for two years. The other worked for a nonprofit focused on developing girls communication and educational skills. I think if I were to take anything away from this it would be that there are many different jobs in education apart from just being  teacher or working for the dreaded DOE. Many of the people also had different paths to get where they are now, majoring in different things in college.

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