Blog post #1 (Due Feb 17th)

Bo Young Jenny Choi (Blog#1 Student Life): Cooper Hewitt Smithsonian Design Museum

I love making visits to museums in the city and the variety of exhibitions that they are able to offer is endless. This past Saturday, I was able to plan a visit to the Cooper Hewitt, Smithsonian Design Museum. I must say, this is one of the most “techy” museums that I’ve ever been to. This museum has upgraded the level to observe the exhibitions by allowing you to “save” the displays with something called, “The Pen.” This pen is a small tool where the pointed end is used to draw on interactive tables and the flat end is to save which you can view them again at home.

One of my favorite room to explore was the Immersion Room. This is an interactive space where visitors can design their own wallpaper and view the extraordinary collection of wall coverings. In the room, there is a flat screen where you use The Pen to draw some cool designs and you can have it projected on the wall so that it is shown across the whole room. You can also select wallpapers from the Museum’s permanent collection and play designer.

Overall, my visit to the Cooper Hewitt Museum was a solid experience. What was even cooler was that I was able to “relive” my experience at this museum at home because I saved some of the exhibitions using The Pen and was able to access to them again on the computer. Design is something I never really took my time to learn the depths of it but this museum was able to enhance my understanding and knowledge of it.  I love spending my day at museums because not only do you have a blast, but you end up leaving the place with more knowledge than when you first walked in.

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