Enrichment Workshop #3

For my third enrichment workshop, my friends and I  decided to visit the STARR Career Development Center last week. As a business student, I want to get learn more about the opportunities and internships that Baruch offers. Moreover, I haven’t decided on my major yet so I hope through the different opportunities offered at the STARR career development center I can explore different majors. I applied as a marketing major but I am currently debating between accounting and finance. The lady from the STARR center directed me to another office where I can change my major. Additionally, she mentioned about the different minors Baruch has to offer us.

I have also learned that the Career Development Center provides many services such as mock interviews, career counseling, career workshops, part-time internships, full-time internships, on-campus recruiting and etc. Since most of us are freshmen and we haven’t had any experience with interviews and resume reviews. Although it is not required to have these mock interviews it always best to practice before heading to an official one.  In order to set up for these mock interviews, you just have to make an appointment for these counseling opportunities on their website. Moreover, the STARR Career Development Center also goes as far as lending out professional clothing for interviews for those who are not prepared.