Story of How I Became Interested in Public Affairs Draft 1

There is no Specific, one road journey I took to choose the major of public affairs at Baruch. My educational goal is to be a lawyer. Out of every major Baruch offered I realized public affairs is focused on the government so what better major to have when becoming a lawyer. Since I will have to eventually have to know certain things that pertain to the government why not learn about it now. All though the area if law I want to work in does not have anything to do with the government, I don’t know what I will do as a lawyer in the future towards the government. Public affairs also deals with politics which is also important to understand when dealing with the law. I also believe that by having political and government knowledge is more unique then some other things offered by Baruch because not lots of people my age are interested in that. Politics also interest me because I don’t have any political views, but my grandpa does so because of that I want to learn about politics and gain political knowledge so that I can converse with my grandpa about it. Other then my grandpa I know that politics can become discussed with anyone so because of that I want to have the proper knowledge to professionally discuss politics. I also chose public affairs because I don’t have to do as many math courses as a business’s major. I don’t realty like complicated math anyway so by taking classes to get a public affair major I get to avoid all the hard math classes I don’t have interests in taking. Another reason I choose public affairs is because it is not a popular choice for students going to Baruch and I live my life in a way that I want to do things that most people don’t do. Although I have a few good reasons I chose public affairs at my major I don’t have any motivation to learn about it if I did not go to college for it and I don’t have any motivation to work for the government. Public affairs is the only major in Baruch I want to have knowledge in. I want to be a lawyer and I could take any major but for various reasons public affairs is the best choice for me.

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