Corporate Social Responsibility in Media Industry: Ethics

CSR in the media industry is not one way specific. Bardoeal, j, & d’Haenens L claims that the responsibility deals with proper conduct and completing the proper conduct. The media is accountable for certain things which means they have responsibilities. One responsibility is how the media discusses anything. This comes with an ethical responsibility on what can and can’t be said. This ethical responsibility deals with things such as honesty and objectivity. The media also has a responsibility to give the public what they want. The media also must follow a structure based on policies and regulations like other industries. I believe the media has a lot of CSR because of how big of an industry it Since the media is must give the public what they want they must make sure they can satisfy their audience which is a hard responsibility. The ethical responsibility is as well because of how many people are affected by the media. The media needs to always stay in check and never slip up because one mistake can cause an earthquake effect. There is no way to satisfy everyone but that’s why it is very important for the media to be very careful always.


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