What has it all meant to me?

When I think of all of the resources that Baruch offers its students for a price of nothing, I honestly cannot feel anything more than gratitude. From the Writing Center, to SACC, to STARR, the list of places and people whose most important mission is to help us students, is almost endless. One of these resources that I use and abuse is the SACC center. I go there at least twice before a Calculus test, and the tutors help me enormously. Other than providing help in a subject, I’ve found that the tutors and staff at SACC offer more than just homework help/test prep. They offer insight into different professors, maybe even the one you have currently, they offer their advice (since the tutors are mostly upper-classmen) on Baruch in general and what classes to take, and most importantly, they’re there to just say, “I know what you’re going through, and this is what I can do to help.”

Although I have not utilized the services of the other resource centers just yet, representatives from some of these centers such as STARR, Stephen Franceour from the Baruch Library and the Writing Center have come talk to our freshman seminar class and what all of their presentations had in common were, “whenever you need help, we have all of these resources to assist you.” It really makes you appreciate how much help you’re offered, not just as an honors student, but as a student in Baruch.

But of course, I cannot forget the assistance I’ve encountered from being in the Baruch Scholars Program. Mr. Medina and my peer mentor, Sam have been my lifelines, and a perfect example of this is scheduling. Mr. Medina helped us perfect our prepared schedules for the Sprint Semester while Sam literally sat with us as we all tried anxiously to get into the classes we wanted, and then helped quickly to reformat our schedules if we did not get those classes.

All of these people and resources have helped make our community service projects a breeze, along with all of our other assignments. It goes without saying, that because of all of this help we are offered, it is only fair that we offer our help to those who need it.

If I continue to accept the help that I am offered in Baruch, then I see myself being successful in the next 3 years, not only with my GPA, but with different societies, clubs, and internships.

One thought on “What has it all meant to me?”

  1. Gabriella, I really appreciate the fact that you are mature enough to recognize the fact that you need to ask for help and accept it in order to succeed. Some of the resources at Baruch that freshman seminar presented to you were things that you definitely can figure out. However, we were trying to expedite the process and show you that to succeed at Baruch and in college, you need to reach out to others and connect to others. Connecting to people is the first and most important step!

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