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Stocks to Watch on Dec 05: FSLR, NFLX, P, DDD, AAPL

First Solar, Inc (NASDAQ: FSLR) does not only break above its ascending triangle pattern, finding great supports from 50 day moving average. it has also make a new 52w new high today with decent volume.

 Netflix (NASDAQ: NFLX) I commented about a possible short squeeze on twitter yesterday but I did not expect such a huge run like NFLX did today. I was expecting the squeeze ends around $85.00. I guess the market sentiment on NFLX is really bullish, at least for now. From the chart it shows me today, recovering MACD & MA(50) coming close to MA(200), I think the stock definitely has the potential to hit $100 in a short while. Unless tomorrow actions is bearish and closes below $85 significantly, then it might signal volatility in this stock and market uncertainty on NFLX.

Pandora Media, Inc. (NYSE: P) is a possible bottom play. This could be a inverted head and shoulder forming.

3D Systems Corp. (NYSE: DDD) again follows the channel and shows some bullish action today. I look forward to this stock hitting above $50 in the coming 2 weeks.

Apple, Inc. (NASDAQ: AAPL) shows a bearish signal on chart as it breaks below the ascending triangle, despite a bullish breakout of a triangle happened last week. I think AAPL would drop appx. another 1.5%-2% tomorrow.

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Stocks to Watch on Nov 29: DDD, GRPN, TLAB, APP, TIVO


American Apparel, Inc. (AMEX: APP) have closed above $1 benchmark at $1.02. However, today’s candlestick is a harami. I expect a pullback to $1.00 before any further action; therefore, $1.00 could be a great entry level.


 3D System Corp. (NYSE: DDD) jumped 6.90% made a new 52w high with decent volume, breaking above the channel I have drawn yesterday. Trend is accelerating as mentioned. A touch of upper Bband after a consolidation signals an uptrend continues. I still long DDD. I have moved my stop up to $45.00.


Groupon, Inc (NASDAQ: GRPN) My outlook stays the same for this stock, as a bottom play candidate. Please refers to my yesterday’s post for more. My next ST target is $5.00 (just a round number before previous high $5.50)


TiVo. Inc (NASDAQ: TIVO) has made a new high today, reporting Q3 results with surprise. Again, as in DDD, after a narrow Bbands, a touch of the upper band signals an uptrend. However, TIVO declines by 5% after hours, so definitely, put it on your radar to see how TIVO performs tomorrow.

Tellabs, Inc (NASDAQ: TLAB) As I mentioned on Nov 20, I long TLAB based on the following
“(1) Parabolic SAR shows a uptrend is upcoming.
(2) MACD is going to cross over, very possibly, tomorrow.
(3) Double bottom pattern on BB.
(4) RSI is at oversold level.
My short term target for TLAB is $3.00, which is a round number and the previous high”.
Now, the stock is closing close at $2.98, roughly breaking the downtrend. If $3.00 psychological point is crossed, my next ST target will be $3.11. Congratulations for those who follows me and traded TLAB. 

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Stocks to Watch on Nov 27: AAPL, DDD, SSYS

I have mentioned SSYS and AAPL on yesterday’s post and DDD on Nov20’s. All of my predictions on them are pretty accurate and nicely done. So, Standing O for ME!!

 Apple Inc. (NASDAQ: APPL) As I mentioned yesterday, I will turn bullish on Apple again if it breaks the flag pattern from above. By that, I would have a ST target to $600. It did break the pattern first thing in the morning today and reached $589.58 by its closing. Pretty close. My prediction used the distance between the flag divergent point and the body of the candlestick at trough. A more aggressive target would use distance to the lowest shadow and extend the same distance from the top of the breakout. Therefore, my next ST target is $620,

 3D System Corp (NYSE: DDD) I signaled my followers a possible trough on DDD in my Nov 20’s post, as well as on twitter. DDD did a huge run today, jumping 11.52%. I think adding shares or jumping on the boat atm might not be a good idea because the price is getting close to the upper channel and about to reach overbought level. Currently, I do not have a price target for this stock but does think the uptrend is accelerating.

Stratasys, Inc (NASDAQ: SSYS) I mentioned yesterday that there is a bullish breakout and have a target of $73. However, I did not expect to have another breakout such quick. Today, the stock has also made a 52w new high. Very bullish.

That’s all for today. Gotta study CFA now.

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Socks to Watch on Nov 20: DDD, RIMM. AGNC, SPY

 American Capital Agency Corp (NASDAQ: AGNC) Told you on AGNC reversing (yesterday). Now, Watch for MACD histogram crossover.

3D System Corp (NYSE: DDD) seems an uptrend is firm with 4 troughs connected in a ascending prices. My target, for now, is $46 through extending a parallel line to make a channel.

Research in Motion, Blackberry (NASDAQ: RIMM) broke the bullish flag last Friday and filled the July’s gap and made a new high at $9.59 after previous one at $9.17. My next short term target is $10.00 but I think the stock is reversing. 

S&P500 (NYSE: SPY) Told you yesterday that there would be a move very soon. Just another update, On Balance Volume shows the stocks might be underpriced right now.

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Stocks to watch on Nov 14, 2012: SIRI, DDD, NFLX, TIVO

 Netflix, Inc (NASDAQ: NFLX) has filed the gap and showing a ascending triangle, which is by definition a continuation (bullish) pattern. A closing above $81.00 is significant because it will be above 200 day MA too. The volume follows the criteria for ascending triangle. Watch for breakout guys. Use entry order with a stop around at least $75.00 level or closer.

TiVo, Inc. (NASDAQ: TIVO) is still showing support from 50day MA. I will consider adding shares on it, depends on NFLX, whichever comes first. 

 3D Systems Corp (NYSE: DDD) just find something bearish on my recent favorite stock. AD line is showing a negative divergence with the recent uptrend. Massive sell out in the recent two trading days with huge volume. MACD history is about to cross to negative level. However, some firms upgrades its rating. Given the high RSI reading, I think the stock will continues to drop in the coming days, and might be hitting the lower BB until a reversal or retracement.

Sirius XM Radio Inc (NASDAQ: SIRI) is showing a bullish sign. Support found on $2.66 level which is previously a high, confirming the uptrend still enacts, after hitting lower BB and 50 Day moving average (Bullish!) Volume today is large although the movement is little (0.36%). MACD histogram is reversing. Comparably high AD level amid lower prices. I think the stock will reach $2.9 level in less than 2 weeks. I am planning to add shares tomorrow.

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 American Capital Agency Corp (NASDAQ: AGNC) has been under massive sell-off after its earning reports and lowering forecasts from rating companies. It showed some green action today. Slow STO and RSI are now both under oversold level. I think any closing outside the lower Bband could be a short term bullish signal. After all, it is a REIT yielding 16%+. From the past performance of AGNC, as well as other strong uptrend stocks falling sharply, they makes a run days after RSI reaching 30.0 level. For a faster referral, look at DDD below, which also shows the same pattern.

3D System (NYSE: DDD) One of my all time favorite again. Just made a 52w new high, closing at $46.02. RSI and Slow STO showing overbought signal, so any pullback can be a great entry.  All moving averages are pretty healthy. Rumor says the military is ordering supplies from this company.

InterDigital, Inc. (NASDAQ: IDCC) heated up from $33.06 to $43.09 within 10 trading days. Luckily, I have sold my shares two days ago, which happens to be the trading day with highest closing recently. Gotta admit, it is totally by luck and chance to pick the highest day. But I still believe IDCC would undergo some form of correction in the coming trading days, at least to the level of $38.00 (the previous top). My intuition from Bband is simple. Any action away from upper and lower Bband, especially a candlestick not touching the bands at all, signals for a correction or reversal. I have found it quite accurate way of looking at IDCC specifically.

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InterDigit, Inc (NASDAQ: IDCC) finally make some move. I know I told you I sold my shares on twitter. But I might have mislooked the mid-term uptrend. With today’s run, seems the uptrend is still intact. Personally, I might not buy until I see more moves. I don’t want to get too emotional on this stock.

Research in Motion Ltd (NASDAQ: RIMM) For those who are still holding their shares. Mind for 50day moving average cross over. The picture here ain’t looking good at all, especially the A/D line.

AFC Enterprise, Inc. (NASDAQ: AFCE) holds a commonly known franchise, Popeye’s. After today drop by 4% the stock is closing around 50 day moving average. In light of the action on IDCC today. I think AFCE might be a candidate to have a similar move (a run off after a huge drop)

PACCAR, Inc (NASDAQ: PCAR) had a positive move today and yesterday with huge volume. A/D, MACD< CMF are all ticking up. MACD just crossed over. Today’s high ($43.5) is also higher than last high ($43.38). Watch out for more action.

Stratasys, Inc (NASDAQ: SSYS) crossed back to a level above 50 day moving average. Decent volume with A/D ticking up significantly, showing a bullish divergence. SSYS is also one the companies manufacturing 3D-printers and related technology like DDD.

J. P. Morgan Chase & Co. (NYSE: JPM) has shown red 4 out of 5 trading days this week. A/D does not should much move. So, might be a negative divergence there. JPM is now trading close to 50day moving average ($40.00) which happens to be an exact number. I look forward to seeing some strong support of $40.00 level and a move higher. Since the stock has been making HH HLs.
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Apple, Inc (NASDAQ: AAPL) missed estimate after hours. Watch for tomorrow action. The stock has recently been sold massively. I am looking forward to 200 day moving average giving some support to the stock. PE ratio P/Book ratio is lower than SP500. It could be a value when market sentiment is over-reacting and over-selling this stock.

Clearwire Corp. (NASDAQ: CLWR) has retraced most of the run early this month. Now closing right above major moving averages (20, 50, 200 days) Golden cross days ago. but MACD turning negative. Watch for major action.

3D System Corp. (NYSE: DDD) For those what have been following me since this summer should DDD was my favorite stock by then. Today it made a 13.72% jump closing at $40.75 after earning reports, touching upper bband and confirming the short term price channel. CMF turning positive. MACD +ve. RSI making higher lows. I initiated a long position in this stock today. Looking forward to see some more price action for the coming weeks.

Consolidated Edison, Inc (NYSE: ED) RSI has been making higher lows. CMF crossed to +ve level. MACD +ve. This stock has been trading in a tight range of $59-$61, making a bullish divergence with RSI, MACD, and CMF indicators. Earning report is on Nov. 2nd.

Sirius XM Radio Inc (NASDAQ: SIRI) I have sold my positions in SIRI last week as I mentioned I am expecting a little correction after the stock hitting $3.00. I was analyzing based on slow STO and RSI. Now the RSI is back to OKAY level. However, when I pull up Accumulation/Distribution indicator. The story is different. A/D line is keep making new high, sending us a bullish divergence on SIRI. According to Bband, prices should find some support around 20day moving average, and it is trading right above it today. Should it make a new run soon, its your call. But I am bullish on this stock on the long run.

Procter & Gamble Co. (NYSE: PG) made a new high today, closing at $70.07. Yield 3.21% on dividends with Beta 0.44. Quite a stock for safety. I might initiate a long position tomorrow on this amid mixed earning report season.

Notable earnings before Friday’s open: ACI, AON, ARLP, AXL, B, CMCSA, CVH, DAN, DLR, EGO, ERIC, GT, HMSY, IMGN, IPG, KKR, LM, LYB, MCO, MRK, OHI, OSK, QSII, TASR, TCB, VTR, WY

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3D System Corp (NYSE: DDD) makes a higher low and higher high. One more similar action will confirm a new uptrend. However, according to Volume by price, the stock is now priced right. I don’t think buying the stock now would endure much downside potential.

InterDigital Inc. (NASDAQ: IDCC) After yesterday drop despite SoftBank M&A pushed tech stocks. IDCC made a significant run today after recent fall. It is very possible that the pull back is done and the uptrend should now continue. I am planning to add more position when I see green action in any size during tomorrow’s opening. RSI, Slow STO is healthy. 50-200MA crossed over. MACD is perking up. Accumulative sign shows in Chaikin Money Flow. BUY!

Interpublic Group of Companies, Inc. (NYSE: IPG) showing a uptrend channel. 

OmniVision Technologies, Inc (NASDAQ: OVTI) watch for MACD crossover and trend reversal. Next price with similar volume is at $16-$17 level. A lot of upside potential here. (NASDAQ: SINA) closing around 50 and 200 MA. 50-200 MA crossed 3 days ago. STO at oversold level. This stock is suitable for aggressive traders.

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Oct 06: Stock of the week: IDCC, LMT, DDD, SIRI, GRPN, ZNGA

3D Systems Corp (NYSE: DDD) just closed above 20MA. Wait to see next movement on BBand to trade. MACD turning +ve. However, CMF and RSI show a ugly picture

InterDigital, Inc (NASDAQ: IDCC) Once again, possible cup and handle pattern. I want to bring in Point and Figure Chart of IDCC to capture its recent bullish trend. P&F has made 3 consecutive upward breakout. A Bullish reversal sign for the long run

Lockheed Martin Corp (NYSE: LMT) After a rectangular consolidation pattern, the stock had a bullish breakout. Support found well around 91. Stop order could be set around $91 if you want to participate in it.

Sirius XM Radio Inc (NASDAQ: SIRI) bullish on RSI, MACD, CMF, Bband. The stock shows a bullish Elliot Wave Pattern. 

Overview of S&P 500. Support can be well found around 20 day moving averages. Positive MACD Crossover but Bearish CMF Crossover. 

Disaster for Zynga Inc (NASDAQ: ZNGA) Premarket dropped 20%. Even though there is bounce back for the rest of the day. ZNGA closes with 11.60% drop with highest volume since its IPO. I can’t stress enough how ZNGA and FB has unproven business model that revenue growth and corp governance (user’s privacy, etc) are all in doubt.

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