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Journal #1

Where have you been and Where are you going?

I am definitely one to be shaped by my experiences. I’m sure everyone is, but I feel like especially I am shaped through experiences rather than acquiring knowledge or logical thought processes. Hm, so what experiences have shaped a big part of who I am? For one, just the experience of living with each of my family members molded my attitudes, values, and beliefs. My dad showed me never to settle for anything less, in all aspects. My mother showed me how to love, forgive, and understand unconditionally; because that’s what this world needs more than ever. And my brother tested my temper and gave me a light perspective of seeing things; in other words, he had part in delivering my humor.

I was pushed into going to korean school every week when I was younger, pushed into weekly piano and violin lessons, pushed into going to an academy everyday after school. More or less that was my dad. He would push me to do my best and I am thankful (not back at that moment) that he showed me to give it my all even if it was a struggling challenge; I never would have thought I had it in me until I finished through the hard-grinding process; because now I know I can do anything I put my mind to. My confidence as well as my independence was unleashed.

My expectations as a college student is to greatly develop and grow personally and professionally. I want my self to blend all my learned knowledge and experiences into one big productive, wise being. I expect myself to come out of college, the most confident being I could become with a wise mind of determination and capability. Just for my first semester I want to find out all the tricks of how all of Baruch College’s resources can benefit me to its fullest; that’s including all the clubs, workshops, professors, and facilities. The only thing I’m concerned with for this first semester is winning a bet with my friend of who will achieve the higher gpa; other than that, life is good 8).

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