Shakespeare as a child

child Shakespeare

Child Shakespeare

Shakespeare was born on the 23rd of April 1564, at  Stratford a little town in the heart of England. He was Educated at the local grammar school, but as his father’s business went from bad to worse, he had to leave school and begin to earn his living. at the age of twenty-one , he off to seek his fortune in the city of London. there, he was in turn a horse-keeper, a stage-boy, a play mender and finally a play writer. I was wondering why Shakespeare so popular after 400 years? As I read few books, his plays have been deeply emotive and highly dramatic for the audience and readers. He takes them through the events, plots, stories and incidences of his plays most emotively, showing their similarities with natural human emotions and other facts of life. That is what any good playwright would do and Shakespeare did it with mastery.



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  1. Glejdis Xamo says:

    I have never seen a picture of Shakespeare as a child. This is the first. Thanks for sharing

  2. As we discussed in class, he makes his living by writing plays, which were very popular as you mentioned. But he had to work really hard as people were not coming to theaters as plague broke in England.I think that is the time when he wrote Sonnets.

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