Welcome to ENGL 2800H, Great Works of Literature I, with Professor Kolb (laura.kolb@baruch.cuny.edu).

In Great Works of Literature I, we encounter texts from ancient, medieval, and early modern cultures; from oral and written literary traditions; in a variety of genres (epic, lyric, drama, travel narrative). The readings for the course are (loosely, sometimes suggestively) organized around the theme of journeys: odysseys large and small, global and local. By the end of the course, you should be able to

  • interpret meaning in literary texts by paying close attention to authors’ choices of detail, vocabulary, and style;
  • discuss the relationship between different genres of literary texts and the cultural environments from which they spring;
  • articulate a critical evaluation and appreciation of a literary work’s strengths and limitations;
  • present your ideas orally and in a variety of written genres, both formal and informal;
  • write critical essays employing:
    • strong claims;
    • well-chosen supporting evidence; and
    • appropriate textual citations

This is a blended or hybrid class, to be conducted 50% in the classroom and 50% online.  We will meet face-to-face on Thursdays. Our other weekly session will take the form of independent work to be completed online. Though the schedule differs from that of a traditional course, expect to spend as much time per week on this class, in total, as you would on an entirely face-to-face course. Online work is designed to deepen your engagement with the texts, and to encourage experimental, non-traditional approaches to literary analysis.