Thousand of one night Response- Rasel Bhuiyan

When Shahzaman realizes that his brother’s wife is also cheating, he feels relieved and his spirits are lifted. What do you think of that? What does it tell us about Shahzaman? Does it tell us something about human nature? How do you, as a reader, respond to that aspect of the brothers’ relationship?


The thousand of one night a story tells about Arabic kings Shahrayer and Shahzamn. It is based on how they both were betrayed by their wife’s. When the kings were in hunting one wife slept with cook boy and others with slave servants. When king Shahzaman saw the situation of his wife, he was shocked, and the world turned dark before his eyes and shaking his head. Betrayal leaves bittersweet feelings. The king Shahrayer and Shahzaman both were killed their wife for what they have done with kings. Because they both believed that no one is like them in the world.

The human nature is satisfied. The king Shahzamn when he saw that his brother’s wife cheated with his brother.  In the page 599 “When I saw your own misfortune, I felt better and said to my self, my brother is king of the world, yet such a misfortune has happened to him, and in his very home. As a result I forgot my care and sorrow, relaxed, and began to eat and drink. This is the cause of my cheer and good spirit”. When Shahzaman saw that his brother wife cheated with his brother then he started feel relaxed and exit through all the sorrows and emotions from his heart. Because he thinks that not only he was betrayed with his wife also his brother wife betrayed wit his brother. At that time he felt that betrayal is happening very often in the society. The behavior of human nature is satisfied and we find our own satisfaction by doing or seeing others.  Even though the king Shahrayer didn’t believed what his brother said about his wife. They both made the plan to check if it is true. Finally the king shahrayer realized that his wife’s also cheating with him by sleeping his servant. The king Shahrayer also satisfied by marrying other women and sleeps with them in the same day and fulfills his desire and in the next morning kills them. It makes him feel better and he found his own satisfaction.  He really didn’t care what is right or wrong, he was only to take revenge of women because they both thoughts women are not to believe. Women could betray with them anytime they want to kill them after their business.

According to the tales “The thousand of one night” the brother relationship of aspect they both believed in the same moral ideas because their wife betrayed them both. They both were the king and have been governing the Arabic world and couldn’t believe that anyone could betray with them especially their own wife’s. They both had the same ideas as book mention in the page 560 “Shahrayer said let us leave our royal state and roam the world for the love of the supreme lord. If we should find one whose misfortunes are greater than ours, we shall return.  Otherwise, we shall continue to journey through the land without need for the trapping of the royalty and Shahzaman Replied, this is an excellent idea”. They found misfortune men who poisoned his lover and she has been cheating with 100 men including the kings. They finally realized that the story was worse than their story, and turned back to their home and thanks to the almighty god.









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