Comparison paper of “The lady with the Dog”

“Love is a feeling, marriage is a contract, and relationships are work” by Lori Gordon.


The quote above pretty much summons the love life of the characters I am about to compare and contrast. When comparing the movie of “The Great Gatsby” directed Jack Clayton (1974 version) with the story of  “The Lady with the Dog” by Anton Chekhov, we see the similarities and the impediment from free love that our characters represent. In “The Great Gatsby” we have Tom Buchanan, which is married to Daisy Buchanan but has an affair with Myrtle Wilson, which is married to George Wilson. Our couple from the story of “The Lady with the Dog” is Dmitri Gurov married to Ms. Gurov but is having an affair with Anna Sergeyevna, which is also married.


“Neither of them can stand the person they’re married” its what Myrtle friend’s tells Nick Carraway, Daisy’s cousin. He had gone to a small party that Tom had invited him to come to meet his “girl”(The Great Gatsby). Their love for each other was so passionate that they could not keep it a secret from close ones, it was only a secret kept from their respective partners. “Myrtle is being living over that garage for 11 years now and Tom is the first Swedish she has ever had”(The Great Gatsby). Myrtle had a long time with her husband, but that fever, that heat one feels when one is in love had faded away among them, she now how that fever for Tom.



In the first two parts of this story where Dmitri and Ana meet and get to spend time with each other the reader can’t really tell if they are falling in love or if this will be just an adventure. But after part three is when the reader realizes of the depth of this forbidden love. “He was tormented by an intense desire to confide his memories to some one” (The Lady with the Dog, part III). Unlike Tom from “The Great Gatsby”, Dmitri, even though he felt the urge to tell someone about the love he felt for Ana neither he nor she would say a word about their feelings to anyone. Eventually Dmitri “couldn’t resist saying” (The Lady with the Dog, part III). He told an official about what had happened to him. After fantasizing with Ana for so long he decides to go see her. After a brief talk they had, she agreed to go visit him. She starts visiting him and in secrecy from their partners they met and consume their love. They finally come to the conclusion that they don’t want to be in secret anymore, but that’s another story.


Both of our couples were crazy in love more but love is crazy itself. Tom and Myrtle had it going on for a while so it was probably not going anywhere. Social status seemed to play a big role and it seemed to dictate how far could love go. Dmitri and Ana was a more fruitful but still unfair kind of relationship to their partners. They in a way were more subject to have a relationship since they shared equal social status.


Love it’s a complicated feeling we all have to deal with some way or another. One can’t help it, when it hits you, it hits you. Social status we can control and if our love ones don’t fit, in the name of love that can be arrange, in odd, unfair, sometimes fair ways but love always finds it way.



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  1. i can definitely see the parallels between the two. Cheating spouses apparently make a great story. I’m curious as to why you chose the 1974 version of the movie to compare with and not the more recent incarnation?

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