Response to THE LADY WITH THE DOG – Diana Arias

1. What are some details in the story that stood out to you most? What kinds of details does Chekhov use? Why?

Anton Chekhov uses a particular writing style that involves a lot of description in his short story titled The Lady with the Dog. In my opinion it gives his writing more depth and allows for great character development. Chekhov uses many details to build up the characters in order to create deep emotional connections with each other. He also uses these details to link the personalities of the characters with their actions

What really stood out to me was the beginning of the story where the main characters were introduced. First of all, the lady with the dog, who turned out to be a young woman visiting Yalta. This lady was described to be peculiar, because no one knew of her and she was always seen wearing a beret and with a dog. Later on in the story, she was given a name, which was Anna Sergeyevna. she was married and was an outsider. When she first encounters Gurov at the garden she seemed fragile and innocent, but then when she involved herself with Gurov up to the point where she became unfaithful to her husband, she changed. Gurov knew that there was more to her than what she appeared to be, with that curiosity he discovered her underlying reason for her unhappiness. “Anna Sergeyevna was touching; there was about her the purity of a good, simple woman who had seen little of life. The solitary candle burning on the table threw a faint light on her face, yet it was clear that she was very unhappy”, this quote accurately describes her inner feelings. These sort of details that Chekhov makes are crucial, because they mirror the emotions of Anna, as well as creating a mysterious side to her, which engages the reader and allows them to question what is going to happen.

I think that the most interesting character in the story is Dmitritch Gurov, because throughout the story he changes. At first he’s introduced as a man who is fairly fond of new visitors, which is illustrated by this quote, “Dmitri Dmitritch Gurov, who had by then been a fortnight at Yalta, and so was fairly at home there, had begun to take an interest in new arrivals.” Then he is described through his family and his past as having married young and currently fathering a 12 year old daughter and 2 sons. However, his wife is another important character whose personality makes Gurov who he is, a womanizer. Gurovs wife is quite a scholar, she is intelligent and well established, but Gurov doesn’t like that about her. He is often unfaithful to her and he also claims that he is more comfortable around women than around men; which is funny, because he sees women as “the lower race”. When he meets Anna his personality changes slowly, but dramatically. At first Gurov saw Anna as a possible woman he wanted to be with, however the more he knew about her the more mystery he saw behind her smile. After Anna returns to her home town he feels empty, it takes him a while to realize that he’s in love with her. He shifts from a man who has no care for women other than for his personal gain, into a man who has fallen for a woman who is as lost as he is.

Chekhov uses a lot of details from the past to kind of explain how the characters are and what exactly they’re feeling. He also uses them to exert a sort of dull, but realistic vibe to the story. It feels almost natural to have these characters meet and discover themselves through each other and make them question their purpose and happiness. Chekcov did this by conveying past emotions as experience in order to show that nothing can change the past, but by also showing that the future is very unclear. This story is very deep and it was because of the detail in the emotions, it makes the story very lifelike.

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  1. I agree that Chekhov uses detail in a way that provides insight into the character. For instance, Gurov at first fronts like he is full of himself, but his insecurity shows more and more with each detailed thought. I love the point “he also claims that he is more comfortable around women than around men; which is funny, because he sees women as “the lower race” I totally missed that.

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