Week 7: True prayers often get answered

This week’s reading ‘Pygmalion’ revolved around his love and devotion for his statue which he admired so much that he treated this non-living thing as his mortal lover. Just like any other lover, he gave gifts consisting of flowers, pearl earrings, a diamond ring, and many more along with affectionate words to please the statue. However, soon the reality hit and he passionately prayed to Venus to make the statue her wife which got answered. True prayers often get answered.

‘If you in heaven are able to give us whatever, we ask for,

then I would like as my wife -‘ and not daring to say,’- my ivory maiden,’ said,’-one like my statue!’

Everything has its own pace of time and Pygmalion was indeed rewarded for his patience and waiting as he desired for a female companion. What really struck me while reading this was love, it’s just a four-letter word but has so much power that it can even melt the hardest stone that can ever exist. His devotion and affection were expressed so beautifully that even God Venus couldn’t wait to fulfill his prayers. I believe that if you want something from the bottom of your heart and if it’s truly meant to be yours then you would definitely get it. In the current day, the definition of love is quite different then what we see represented in the reading. It lacks that passion, devotion, and loyalty that is the foundation of love. I am really mesmerized thinking how Pygmalion’s love for the statue had transformed it into a female human which really makes me wonder if he had loved a human at first sight then what would have happened!

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