Medea a selfish and unhinged woman

Euripides wrote Medea, an ancient Greek play that tells readers different aspects of human emotions and psychological traumas. This tragic’s story starts with Medea sacrificing everything as her homeland (Colchis), her family, her entire life, and so on for her love to Jason. She regretted, later, all she sacrificed for him when he married Glauce, Corinth’s princess. She got pushed into a crisis when he lost interest in her ending her happy days at Corinth. It became her in a tormented and resentful woman who King Creon, Princess Glauce’s father, sent to exile along with her two sons to protect his daughter from Medea’s madness.

Medea ignored any excuses Jason offered her to justify his new marriage (supposedly to provide better for his children). So, she cruelly elaborated a detailed plan to kill her offspring because she wanted to cause him extreme pain and make him pay for all she did to be with him. Her evilness was so enormous that her plan encompasses even people closed to him because she intended to destroy him.

The message conveyed to the reader is that Jason never thought how angered Medea was due to his inattentive behavior; he couldn’t predict how evil her revenge could be. It is not excusing her atrocious actions of killing innocent people. Still, he was the first one that precipitated the tragedy when he made her lose her mind by discarding her after all she did for him even though it was not right. Also, I perceived a cold and egotistical Medea whose love for her children never existed. She poisoned them, and selfishly, she left and took their dead bodies with her to cause more pain in Jason’s heart by not letting him bury them. Nowadays, we witness couples who endanger their child to hurt their exes after being betrayed when blindfolded by jealousy.

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  1. Hello, while reading your post, an assumption I made about why Medea killed both of her sons and took their dead bodies was because oftentimes the sons are more loved and fathers hold them dare to their heart. Therefore, for this reason, Medea wanted to hurt Jason extremely by killing what he loved the most.

  2. I like all the points that you make about Medea being egotistical and selfish when she decides that she wants to kill her children simply because of Jason’s actions. I agree with your statement at the end regarding couples who hurt their children in a conflict and that leads me to the idea of how children with divorced parents can end up having trauma that was not their fault because the parents always fought in front of the them with little regard for the children’s mental and sometimes even physical safety in that moment.

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