Betrayal always leaves a bitter taste in anyone’s mouth. Here we see a woman who was head over heels with her husband is now seeing him for he really is. After this realization, she then concluded that women above all living things are very unfortunate.

“My husband, who was everything to me,

is actually, I now see, the worst of men.

Of all living, breathing, thinking creatures,

Women are the most absolutely wretched.”

There is a lot of emotion found just in the first line “My husband, who was everything to me”, the author highlights ownership by using ‘my’. It then continues to symbolize the highest regard she had for her husband and their union. This line also gives the impression that she would do anything in this world for her husband. Much like borderline obsession once we break it down. The author goes from this extreme to the next just in the other line. The contrast from how much she loved her husband to now calling him “the worst of men” is very heartbreaking. The author singles out that Medea came to this realization by writing “I now see”. We hear time and time again that love makes us do crazy things and love is blind. During Medea’s devoted love for her husband, she wasn’t seeing him for what he really was at the core. Her eyes are now open, and she sees him as nothing but a scoundrel. Medea also goes on to analyze her position in all this. She is married to the worst of all men so what does that make her? To her, it makes her the most unfortunate species in the entire world. A bit dramatic but the author is emphasizing the extreme to which Medea is feeling wretched. The use of ‘most’ is the greatest in amount, and ‘absolutely’ is without a doubt. The final analysis of the selected quote shows society’s concept of the different gender roles of men and women.

One thought on “Realization

  1. I really like your in depth analysis of the quote. I agree that while it may have seemed that Medea was extremely in love with Jason, underneath the surface, it was obsession. When someone is obsessed with something, the really enjoy that thing when they have it, but feel destroyed when it’s gone. This is the exact case with Medea. She really enjoyed being with Jason to the point of killing people for him to be safe, but once he was gone, she was “absolutely wretched” and was engulfed in anger and grief.

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