The Man: The Most Valuable Creation

In book two, Milton narrates the story of how a rebel Satan reunited with all the fallen angels In Satan’s temple (the pandemonium) defeated by the almighty and refuses to “give heaven for lost.” The demons discussed the idea to seduce and corrupt God’s new creation, ” the man,” whom they consider a weaker creature but with an extremely high value in God’s eyes. They thought by corrupting the man, they would triumph for the demons by damaging something so special for God. After a council meeting, they all voted and agreed that satan would break the nine sacred gates as nobody wanted to go as a volunteer to observe “the man and the new world.”

Then satan went to pass by the gates. He realized the entrances were guarded by Sin and Death. after Sin explained to Satan that if doors got opened to him, he would not be able to enter again to hell. He agreed to go to earth anyways. In his fall downward, he encountered himself with five creatures as Chaos, rumor tumult, chance, and confusion. he made a deal with Chaos that to get his way straight to earth, he would allow Chaos to create more disorder. He was kind not only to observe the ” man but also to bring him to hell and fuel God’s anger. But later, he realized his power was not enough to beat God’s power.

This journey of satan and the demons behind him (Sin and Death) was the beginning of an endless story of the evil and the good for the man’s soul. Evil is always trying to seduce the man. For example, when Jesus was taken to the desert and put on test by satan during long forty days offering him all the world’s kingdoms (Mark 1:12). In the same way, satan strategy for man’s soul offering in exchange power, money, and fame. While God will not need to buy souls but let the man come to his path to heaven by his own will, and instead of offering material properties and vanities, he offered the man eternal life along with him and wrapped in his arms.

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