Paradise Lost Book 9 : Satan, The True Mastermind


Then the serpent said to the woman, 'You will not surely die'” (Genesis  3:4) | by Benn Matthew | Medium

In this week’s reading ‘Paradise Lost Book 9’, we learn more about how Satan manipulated Eve when he found her alone and told her about the forbidden fruit. He made sure to make her eat the forbidden fruit also bringing to Adam. Upon consumption of the fruit, both Adam and Eve seek to cover their nakedness while blaming each other for their current circumstances.

“God hath assign’d us, nor of me shalt pass

Unprais’d: for nothing lovelier can be found

In Woman, then to studies household good,

And good workers in Her Husband to promote. [ Book 9 231 – 234 ]

Isn’t it surprising how Adam ate the forbidden fruit because he loved Eve and wanted to support her? But when the effect of the forbidden fruit showed and they went naked, Adam accused Eve of making him eat the fruit. In the above lines, he states how God has created them for a purpose and how ungrateful they have become as they disobey the commands given by God. Adam enforces how Eve should be good at maintaining the household and look out for the betterment of him. To be honest, Satan aka the serpent is the mastermind behind this havoc as he intentionally manipulated Eve and took the advantage of her being alone which initially struck this issue. Satan wanted to create this misunderstanding between Adam and Eve and create conflicts that he was successful in doing so. From my perspective, I think Satan did this because he wanted to take revenge on God as God was proud of humans as His Best Creation and gave them recognition and acknowledgment. Therefore, due to that single mistake of Adam and Eve made in the Garden of Eden, today humans are living on earth and still today just like Adam thinks how women should look for the betterment for their husband existing till date. But then again, isn’t it also men’s duty to look after the betterment of their women and if Adam had never left Eve alone then Satan would have never got the chance to pursue her and she would have never eaten the forbidden fruit.

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