Weekly Comments

Due each Wednesday by noon.

Each week, you are responsible for commenting on two of the Weekly Blog Posts from your peers. See an interesting/exciting/provocative post from one of your classmates? Wonderful! Let your classmate know that you found their post interesting and why. The “why” question is most important. Perhaps the post moved you to think about the text in question in a completely different way. Or perhaps it resonated with your post. Whatever the case, take this as an opportunity to engage thoughtfully with your peers.

The goal of this assignment is to increase collaboration and to foster a community environment.

A comment should be at least 3-4 sentences long, and should engage directly with the close readings of your classmates. This could take the form of adding to your classmate’s close reading; constructively disagreeing with their interpretation; or suggesting how we might further their close reading by connecting it to another passage or passages. Do not simply agree or disagree with your classmates; instead, try to engage with their interpretations and offer new insights that may complicate and/or expand their original ideas.