I am going to devote this post on talking about women’s rights.

Helen Keller said,” We vote? What does that mean?” in 1922. In early 1930, beauty business were starting to take off and a writer (He didn’t have a name but I thought this was an important to be bought up to show the differences) said, “American women are not yet spending even one-fifth of he amount necessary to improve their appearance.”


I think Zinn brought up these to people to show how hard it is to change a social status and gender rules. It takes more then one big new law made.

In 1911 women weren’t voting yet but it look positive that will happen. Many of women were just excited of the fact they will have the same right as men and everything will be fair and squire. Helen Keller saw it through she already knew just because they can vote it is going to automatically change everything. After World War 1 and due to indispensable work done by women, they were voting alright but then what happens in 1930? They put back in where they were with better clothes but hey at least they vote now!


“Forced to death”

Tom Grace, The Shooting at Kent State (1970)

“He has very poor eyesight, and on glasses, and on May 4 he couldn’t get the gas mask on over his glasses, so he had to war the gas mask without glasses. He was blind as a bat without them, and he admitted he just knew he was shooting in a certain direction. That was a startling admission.  There was a guy out there who could hardly see, blasting away with an M-1.”


As Tom Grace who were one of the victim at the shooting remembers sending fairly blinded guardsman to the scene, I believe this statement is as shocking as the actual Kent State Shooting.  . This shows how little the government care about its citizens.  The government plan to draft young american to Cambodia without clear justification or explanation. Either we will be force to fight in Cambodia or be shoot to death if we were on their way. This is the moment we are out here by our own and  the Government is up their for their own profits. Talk about distrust and cynicism.