Gloria Steinem, Equal Rights for Women—Yes and No

“Women are not more moral than men. We are only uncorrupted by power. But we do not want to imitate men, to join this country as it is, and I think our very participation will change it. Perhaps women elected leaders—and there will be many of them—will not be so likely to dominate black people or yellow or men; anybody who looks different from us.”


In early 1900s women didn’t play any type of important role in society. They were just seen as house wives and caretakers. The purpose of a wife was to take care of the kids, house and husband. The husband, father or man of the house was seen as he provider. He worked in order to provide his family with food and anything else needed. The “man” of the house was in control because he was the one bringing the paycheck every week.

Steinem’s view on this type of society and stereotypes was that it had to stop. In the late 60s and 70s women decided to step up and protest. No longer will women stay quiet and take all the discrimination given to them by the corrupted minds of the current society. It was about time someone stepped up and popped the big bubble of stereotypes that women were inferior to men. Steinem believed that if two people worked to provide for the household, then the family would be much more united and strong. Two paychecks is much better than one.