Django Unchained (Group 6, Due 9/12)

Instructions: Using the “New Post” function, choose a specific moment from the film Django Unchained and write a brief (1-3 paragraph) blog post explaining how the moment reflects how slavery functions in a specific character’s life. How is the institution of slavery depicted in this film?  Remember to think divergently, and avoid repeating moments that have already been written about. Your group should aim to produce posts about each of the characters listed below, so try to pay attention to what others have posted and choose your moment accordingly.         

IMPORTANT:  Be sure to categorize your post under “Django Unchained” (the Categories buttons should be on the lower right) so you can get credit for your post! 

Django Freeman:


Dr. King Schultz:

django-unchained-christoph waltz dr king schultz image02

Calvin Candie: