Important to Remember

a) After reading Eric Foner’s review on David Blight’s Race and Reunion: The Civil War, I am a little interested in reading the book. I think that for anyone studying the Civil War, Blight’s book would allow them to understand every little detail and not just what the historians write in their textbooks. Reading this book you will read about many events that were left out in most of the others.

b) Even though Blight is the author, it does sound that he likes his own work. Eric Fosner praises the book and writes that the book is very persuasive and regrets that Blight did not try to bring it up to present.

c) It demonstrates how many people leave or just never put in bits of important information about events such as the Civil War. In most of the textbooks about the Civil War, many details are left out. Now anyone reading one of these books will never know the actual events that occurred. For these reasons is important to explain everything and never leave out even the insignificant parts when writing about an event in history. Let the people decide for themselves what they consider to be unimportant!

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