Your reality is not reality

Humans are very interesting creatures when it comes to experiencing and recalling events. History can never be unbiased and can never be accurate because people treat their story of an event like it’s the event. See, supposing that Billy hit Mary, the event that happened is Billy hitting Mary. When a person sees this, however, they see cruel immature Billy hitting weak defenseless Mary. An event happened but every single person that experienced it creates a story around the event. The problem is that nearly all people treat their story like it’s the actual event. They treat their perspective as what actually happened. What they see is their reality but reality is different for each of us so even a first hand observer of an event will present a story that is skewed and unreliable. This is unfortunate but for the majority of people, the meaning and feelings they attach to an event blinds them to the event.

History is not accurate and can never be because our feelings and emotions will continue to blind us so that no matter how hard we struggle, we shall never know the full truth of the past.

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