Freedom of education

Foner discussed about freedom of education. Even though they were only allowed poor-quality education at the beginning, African Americans of all ages started going to school with high hopes of being future leaders. Education was what was going to help them achieve the knowledge they needed to reach the level that they had been deprived from. They hoped to participate in all sorts of trivial as well as important matters to break all barriers. Therefore education was undoubtedly the biggest step towards development for the whole race. Although they still had to struggle, many reached significantly respectable positions that even their former owners couldn’t compete with.

Unfortunately this freedom was not recognized in the short run since Southern White Men kept trying their best to avoid granting the African Americans their rights.  And as mentioned before, the quality of education provided for African Americans was not very good at first.

Even after the 15th amendment was passed it was a huge struggle. But thankfully in the long run they were recognized and today a large majority of African Americans are well educated and leaders across the world.

African Americans started going to school.
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