Women: can’t live with them & wouldn’t be alive without them.

Throughout all of history around the world, women have always been second-class citizens in nations they helped build. When the 15th Amendmentwas finally passed, many African Americans rejoiced because they now had the right to vote, but only the males. Females, bothblack and white, had no right to almost anything. It was already bad enough for white women, imagine black women. However, women like Susan B. Anthony and Elizabeth Cady Stanton stood up against the grain and played a highly influencial role in the advancements of women’s rights.


Unfortunately, women were not granted the right to vote any time before 1877. Since all judges were male and had no sympathy for the female strugle, women were told and expected to stay within the home as housewives. Things that are taken for granted nowadays, like being able to get a divorce or leave your husband at-will, weren’t even options back then. The period of Reconstruction was reserved for males alone.

Although it was a long, hard struggle for females, in 1920, the 19th Amendment was finally passed. Since then, women have only been climbing up the social ladder. Women now hold the same positions as men and choose to stay with whomever they please. Also, in the more recent years, more prominent female figures have stood out and begun to pave the way for many more to come. For instance, in both the Democratic and Republican parties, we had a strong female character – Clinton and Palin. That goes to show that women went from having no say to almost running the country.

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