Power to the people

In chapter 15, there are several freedoms discussed by Foner. One particular freedom discussed is the freedom from slavery. For the slaves, freedom meant they would be like the white men. Freedom to them meant they could do and act like the white men in power. They were given the opportunity for better towns, better jobs.

A statue of a slave no longer shackled down by chains

In the short term, this freedom was not recognized. Slave owners still felt they had control over the slaves. Some slaves did not know about the freedom they have gain. Other just did not know what to do with the new found freedom. Slaves would just continue to work for the slave owners. They were provided food and shelter, not uncommon for slaves to stay along.

In the long term, this freedom was the first step towards a future with little or no segregation. Families separated from slavery were united. It introduced new backgrounds. Land was being owned by ex-slaves. The right to being a citizen and the right to vote was the next step after this freedom was acquired. Then onwards to politics, most noticeable would be Barack Obama

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