Survival of the Fittest

This book by Charles Darwin was one of the most influential scientific books ever. It describes how everyone and everything came about and the survival of the fittest.

Charles Darwins’ published work On the Origin of Species is one of the greatest if not greatest works of science. Published in 1859 in the United Kingdom, it was written to show people how to survive and what life is about. Darwin says that the weak die and the strong survive. Darwin says things like “natural selection,” “the struggle for existence,” and “survival of the fittest.” These are all phrases he uses to show how everyone is given the chance to do good and survive and flourish. Everyone is basically on their own and the stronger and smarter the better chance you have of survival. Without law there would be anarchy and it will be the survival of the fittest.

Giving only the “who, what, where, when” of a document summarizes in a short paragraph or two what the document is about instead of reading pages and chapters about it. It enhances the meaning of the document because it explains exactly what the purpose was and it gives you what you need to know and all key points of the document.

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