Alexander Hamilton

Alexander Hamilton was the most important financial experts, and he is one of the founding fathers, the drafters of the constitution, and the first United States Secretary of the Treasury. His versatility: he is good at the financial management, proficient in state affairs. Because of him the changes of Unites States was transformed from an agricultural to an industrial country. Hamilton’s record and achievements are very prominent as a military attache in Washington attendant, he made great contributions to the war of independence, most notably the Battle of Yorktown in 1781, he was the main author of “Federalist Papers”. Even though he is one of the U.S founding fathers, but he did not like others to become the President. But when Washington was the President, he was the Finance Minister extraordinary achievements, and created the predecessor of the Federal Reserve-America First Bank of the United States. As the leader of the Federalists, he also appeared for the U.S two-party basis.

  Because New York is the most developed city in the North America, and New York City improve the infrastructure, construction of the federal capital, it has invested heavily in natural is done. Hamilton knows that Virginia made the greatest sacrifice and the greatest contribution for the War of Independence, and he know Washington, Jefferson they want keep America’s permanent permanent capital of Virginia. But he also know that if he can pass the treasury bills it will let it become the U.S financial and monetary system, one of the most fundamental pillars. And after Washington sign the law, the rapid rise of the bond market, as the U.S financial and monetary system, it become one of the most fundamental pillars. He is a genius of finance, even Jefferson and Madison, as prominent figures, they can not fully understand Hamilton dumping the foresight to create the bond market, there was no one can understand the genius of the idea of Hamilton’s character.

If I could ask Hamilton Lease two questions today, they would have to be
1. where is the exactly place did you learn the difficult financial theory like this? can you be as comprehensive, systematic and profound financial strategic thinking?

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