William H. Seward

William Seward was admitted into bar in 1820. He had a great interest in politics.  In 1834 he served as state senator. Shortly after, he landed his first term as governor in 1838. Seward was in the Whig party. In the 1850’s the Whig party started to die out. So he shifted and joined the Republicans. Even though the republicans didn’t fully support his views; he kept up with it and had to modify his beliefs a little bit hoping to be a presidential nominee for the Republicans. Even though Seward didn’t land the nomination he still worked hard for Lincoln’s campaign.  Lincoln offered Seward chief position of the cabinet, secretary of state.

Seward was familiar with law, and in addition with the interest in Politics he was involved in the government. He worked his way up from governor to secretary of state. He was motivated by his passion and knowledge of interest.

Q1:         what was the main drive to make you work your way up in the government?

Q2:         how did it feel to have to switch over to the Republican party from your Whig party?

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