“Raise Less Corn And More Hell”


Mary Elizabeth Lease was born in Pennselyvaina in 1850.  When she turned 20 she moved to Kansas to become a school teacher.  Shortly after setteling she married a pharmisist Charles Lease.  They had multiple farming attempts and ended up becomming unsucessful in Kingman County and Texas.  This inevitbly lead to Mary and Charles Lease along with their two kids moving to Witchita.  This is were Mary Elizabeth Lease became involved with social and civil activities.  She was said to be a very influential speaker and eventually became at the fore front of the populuist party for a period of time until she was alienated.

If i met Mary Elizabeth Lease I would ask her how she was able to capture and influence her audience in the way that she did.  I would also ask Mary Elizabeth Lease how and what exactly lead to the rise and soon after demise of her being at the forefront of the populist party.

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