The League Of Nations

The League of Nations was founded as a result of the Treaty of Versailles

World War I had left the world questioning about the fundamental social systems that the leaders had adopted. Major changes had occurred and were needed to enhance the understanding of liberty and peace. Therefore the League of Nations was formed hoping that it would create a common control system all over the world. The 42 members the league initially started off with all hoped that the league would succeed in preventing future wars as well as settle international disputes through negotiation.

However there are quite a lot of things not covered in Eric Foner’s topic. He did not mention how the idea of such a league had actually existed since 1795, which would control conflicts and promote peace between states. He also did not point out some of the major goals of the league, which included working through the International Labor Organization, Health Organization, Committee on Intellectual cooperation, Slavery Commission, Commission for Refugees, Committee for the study of the legal status of women etc. He fails to focus on the fact that the League of Nations was not formed to create a global government but so that there could be a perpetual peace bound by the international community while they also enjoyed being free states respecting its citizens and welcoming foreign visitors as fellow rational beings. Infact, very few things have been mentioned in his coverage of this topic.

Two questions I have are:
1. How could have they not expected or predicted at that point that the Treaty of Versailles was going to result in future conflicts in Europe?
2. Why were the negotiations conducted in secret?

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