Nothing but the truth.

Under the United States Constitution, we have the freedom of speech and the freedom to bare arms. However, we become restricted upon the enforcement of the espionage act.  Foner mentions this act briefly in the middle of the chapter. This act was passed shortly after the start of the war to protect the military success. President Wilson wanted to restrict spying and publishing false regards that can hurt the military or the United State’s reputation. The act was later elongated by the Sedition Act a year later. The sedition act is actually a subset of the espionage act itself. The sedition act prohibited any kind of vulgar language towards the United States or it’s military. Many were jailed and due to this act due to their harsh words against the United States in the war period. Foner’s coverage of the act wasn’t exactly clear enough. The act led to many events and he only discussed the beginnings and the people that were jailed due to their violation.

1. Did the government go out of their way to search every newspaper for the kinds of articles that disrespected them ?

2. Did the act improve the reputation of the military in the end ?

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