The Anti-German Crusade

The attitudes towards treating immigrants or foreigners changed drastically after the U.S went into the war. As Foner mentioned in chapter 19, German immigrants and German Americans had a large number of population in the U.S and Americans even admired German traditions in various fields. German language was also very popular among high school students. However, as the war began, German cultures became a target. This eventually led to prohibiting the use of German language and their cultures in the U.S. Situations got worse to a point where people started to deny their German heritage.

I believe that Foner could have done a better job by including examples of the lives of German people and their suffering after the prohibition to show us the seriousness of the situation.

Instead of prohibiting and limiting the German-Americans, why couldn’t the U.S government simply Americanize or brain-wash the German Americans into making them believe that they are Americans and that they should support the U.S? Don’t you think the German-Americans rather gained hatred towards the U.S for it’s action–limiting them and their culture? as they are not the ones to be blamed for the war.

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