She’s a WOW!

The poster reads – “The girl he left behind is still behind him–She’s a WOW”. It  was a famous work by Adolph Treidler. The poster shows a woman ordnance worker, holding wrench, gazing up at a soldier with a rifle in the background. I think this poster must have done a good job in encouraging women to help in the war efforts. It depicted that, by making their contributions women would not only be helping their country but also their companions, husbands etc. This poster nearly draws a moral issue and makes it about doing “something good”. The soldier at the background works as a stronger push, insisting that it’s these women’s responsibility to carry on with their “legacy” because women helping in the war are “Great Women”.

These posters treated women with respect for a change, because at that point the country desperately needed their help. The approach was emotional, encouraging and definitely effective.

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