General Douglas MacArthur and his guidance

General Douglas MacArthur was responsible for the Reconstruction of Japan until 1948.   Under his guidance, Japan was able to adopt a new, democratic constitution which replaced the landlordism that used to exist.  The new constitution also gave women the right to vote for the first time in Japan’s history.  In the Article 9 of the new constitution , it stated that Japan would maintain only a modest self defense force.  The United States also proposed to dissolve Japan’s giant industrial corporations, which contributed much to the war effort.  But the plan was abandoned in 1948 to rebuild Japan’s industrial base as part of effort against communism in Asia.  By the 1950’s, Japan’s economy recovered with the adoption of new technologies, low spending on the military, and the assistance from the United States.

If General Douglas MacArthur hadn’t exist to be part of the Reconstruction of Japan, then Japan would not have gone through much change.  Japan would still be a country with only tenant farmers who owned no land and women would have no right to vote as well.  As part of the Reconstruction, Japan was controlled to a country who will only use force as self defense.  This prevents Japan from attacking and invading any countries in the future.  The United States would ensure that no incident like the Pearl Harbor would occur again, under the new constitution established in Japan .  Without MacArthur, the United States would not have a good relationship with Japan today and take part in trade.  There would nearly no electronics and no technology in the United States since much of that is imported from Japan.  My life would be different because I would not be driving a Toyota vehicle, but a car manufactured from a different country.  Without Japan recovering economically, life in America would not be as interesting without all the technology that is brought into the U.S .

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