The Korean War

The Korean War has had a huge impact on history and society today. The war which started in 1950 and ended 1953 divided Korea into two parts, North and South Korea. According to Eric Foner, “Korea made it clear that the Cold War, which began in Europe, had become a global conflict”. Eric Foner says that thanks to the Korean War, the utopia idea of global harmony was destroyed and instead the World got divided into two, the West (the Free World) and the East. However the truth is we will never truly know what the effects of the Korean War are; we’ll never know what would’ve happened if Korea had instead united into one government rather than having a war that divided the country into two.

United State’s society would completely be different if the war turned out differently or didn’t happen at all. The United States would either have more or less Korean immigrants and citizens depending on which side won and we (or more technologically correct, the countries near North Korea) wouldn’t have to worry about a possible Nuclear threat from North Korea.

The effect it had on my life? Maybe I would have more Korean friends, maybe less. Maybe I would be embraced and presented with a different Korean culture than the one I am facing today from South Korea. A lot of things would be different and since we can’t change history, I’ll rather leave the thoughts of what could instead happen alone.

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