Rising standards of living

the interior of a house from the 1950s
dishwashers in houses

Home-appliances made the lives of women far easier than they ever were. Innovations previously affordable by only rich and middle-class families were now in reach of the larger common population. These products included televisions, dishwashers, air-conditioners, inexpensive long-distance telephone calls and jet air travel. Services like electricity, central heating and indoor plumbing also became more available and affordable in the 1950s.

The widespread use of these innovations not only extended the meaning of freedom for people but also provided people with more time for entertainment, specially women, who previously had to spend a large portion of their time doing household chores. The first picture is the interior of a house from the 1950s. As we can see there’s a television that the couches are facing and it was undoubtedly a good source of entertainment for people. With the help of TV advertisements people also came to know about other things available in the market. This helped people in improving their standards of living. The second picture has two sections; one showing a couple going out to enjoy while the dishwasher did its job, and the second an advertisement encouraging men to purchase dishwashers to make the lives of their wives easier.

Although some of these products were available before the 1950s they were not so commonly used. Therefore I think this particular time of history did shape a lot of things that were to come in the 1960s, because it introduced people to a life that was much easier than the one they had been used to. People now had more time to do things that they wanted to do.

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