We are all the same, we deserve freedom


This song is called Freedom by Richie Havens. He sang this song during the Woodstock festival in 1969. To this day, that was his most impressive performance due to his opening which is the song he is singing in the video. This song was originally called “Motherless Child” and was eventually renamed to “Freedom”.If I were there to see him perform this song live, I would have thought he is trying to say he is thankful for freedom but too much freedom rather a bad thing. He tries to show that too much freedom can make him feel motherless and lonely. In the end, he switches his point of view and makes everyone realize that Freedom is a joyous thankful element. Freedom can lead you to your dreams even if you’re very far from home.

This song is very different from music today because we as a society barely even use acoustic instruments anymore. It’s always artificially made through technology. This song Freedom has all the genuine true elements of the song. It has the acoustic guitar and the pure voice of Havens. At that time, music was very mellow and folk and this song fit right in.

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