We Shall Overcome

We Shall Overcome was a folk song originally written by Charles Tindley but it became popularized in the 1960’s by singer Pete Seeger. The song itself is one of the hallmarks of the Civil Rights Movement as the song’s popularity became synonymous with the movement. It embodied the ideals of agency and freedom asĀ  it spoke of how one day racism and prejudice would be taken down. This song did not advocate violence but peaceful protest. It was a representation of the general African-American sentiment who felt that they would overcome racism some day. It promoted unity between all blacks during the time as they all fought for the same cause. The song itself served to promote their cause as it spoke of unity not only between blacks but of people to ‘walk hand in hand’.

I feel that the song has the same effect now as it did back then. Even though equality is established there are still injustices in American society. This song makes me feel that those problems can be dealt with accordingly. The people back then who listened to this song most likely felt inspired and courageous as they were willing to be beaten physically and mentally for equality.

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