BLack code

Black code is a series laws passed by the new south government to discriminate against African American. These laws give some basic right to the former slaves, such as legalized marriage, property and limited access to the courts, but they don’t have rights to against whites, such as, voting, serving on juries and in state militias (Foner, 535)
Post the civil war, American government passed 13th, 14th, and 15th amendments to protest African Americans and give them civil right to live in United State. However, the new south government used state power to pass law in order to limit African American rights. For instance, African American must sign a year labor contract with their employer. If not, they would be arrested. Black code violated African American’s civil right and their right still is limited as slaves. Therefore, reconstruction became failed.

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  1. Nice, it’s a primary source about the dark side of American law-making history. This came as a surprise to me. This document can ruined the impression created by biased American textbooks.

  2. This is a good primary document.”black codes” state laws enacted to regulate the live of the former slaves in the south. The aim of the black codes was to preserve the structure of southern society despite the abolition of slavery.

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