Stop Sunking pur ships!

Most of us know that The sinking of the Lusitania was one of the factors to the United States entering the Great War, The sinking was due to  the German U-boat campaign, where Germany declared that all Allied and neutral ship were to be sunk on sight.  They wanted to cut off Britain supplies from America.  By March 1917, Germany U-boat seven American vessels.Woodrow Wilson realized that staying neutral and out of the war could not be avoided, and Declared war on Germany.  I honestly believe that staying out of the war so long is what helped the United stated win.  They entered a war that opposing side and the allies were both decreasing in the number of soldier.  The United states lost over 100,000 soldiers, which sad as it may be was only 1 % of the soldiers that were lost in this Great War!

One thought on “Stop Sunking pur ships!

  1. I agree. The sinking of the Lusitania is what swayed Americans to favor in joining the war. They were angered by the high death toll of civilians especially in a war they were considered neutral in. At the time, Allies thought the Germans initially launched more than one torpedo, with the second one being the cause that sunk the ship, but Germans claimed that their U-boat only fired one torpedo.

    One of the reason why the United States entered the war was because the Germans detroyed a ship that did not carry war materials, but in 2008, divers found the contrary. They found approx. four million U.S -made Remington .303 bullets, thus supporting Germans’ earlier conjecture that the Lusitania indeed were carrying war materials. This also support the postulate that the second explosion was cause from the explosion of munitions on board which is what caused the ship to sink.

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