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It seems a lot of the time that people just refuse to learn. The North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) was formed in the year 1949, jus a few years after 2 huge alliances caused mass destruction on a global spectrum. America, along with several European nations decided to plant the seeds for another such episode.

Not only did the mere presence of a large scale alliance encourage a repeat of the past but the attitude at which they approached the alliance aided digression. One would recall that the harsh nature of the treaty of Versailles was the main tool that Hitiler used to persuades the german people into conquest. One would think that after episode the world would learn that once you have beatene an opponet u let them go in oppose to holding there head underwater, becauses that would leave them no choice but to retaliate once again, out of desperation. However Lord Ismay, NATO’s first Secretary general said the purpose of the organization was “to keep the Russians out, the Americans in, and the Germans down”. Fortunately, these seeds never grew into a war. It was still however a wreckless action to take at the time they took it. We were one bad decision away, from turning the Cuban Missle Crises to World War III.

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  1. The North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) is a military alliance which U.S and the member countries want to prevent the communist party(Warsaw) to expend power in Europe.However, after the collapse of the Soviet Union, which indicated that U.S. and NATO won the Cold War.

  2. NATO was the first militaristic treaty signed by the US during “Peacetime”. Its Main purpose was to contain and stop the spread of Communism through the different countries of the world. the treaty was designed to include the US and Europe because we were loyal allies but also to get a sense of protection. if on European country fell to communism, all members of NATO would join in a unified attack and help liberate the country. if the US fell all European countries under the treaty would attack and liberate us. It was a great strategy to discourage the Soviet Union from attacking Europe, and best of all, it worked.

  3. It didn’t “work”. The Soviet Union collapsed because of civil war not international medeling. The only significant action America too to combat the spread of communism was in Vietnam and Korea. The result was a region that is very tense and till this day contains one of the most dangerous places to be (Korean Demiliterized Zone). The other result was a war that was a loss in the eyes of many Americans. And besides that point who are we to meddle in the affairs of foreign soverentnies? What qualifications do we have to tell people what system of government is best for them? It cant be our experience, we are one of the youngest countries. It cant be our tack record, not after George Washington’s isolationist policies and the Monroe Doctrine. It was luck not skill that turned NATO into a “success”

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