College Campuses

“Campus life did not return to pre-1960s norms.  Sex, drug use, and, increasingly, heavy drinking pervaded many campuses.  By the end of the 1970s, the typical college campus was a very different place than it had been at the start of the decade.”


During the 1960’s was a period of radical social change throughout younger generations and it is exemplified on college campuses.  However, after the social revolution and the 1970s began, college campuses did not return to the traditional way they were before the 1960s.  A new radical social change in the 1970s was college coeducation became universal and this even included the United States Military Service Academies.  College Campuses were a new level of freedom high school students experienced after they graduated high school and moved onto their college campus.  Today, college campuses are heavily regulated and administrators try to prevent alcohol and drug use from occurring.