Where Have You Been and Where Are You Going?

My name is Homerra Akbar. I’m from Long Island so going to a school in the city has been quite an experience. Even though the commute can be tough, I’m glad I made the decision of coming to Baruch.

It is such a huge change, from going to high school a few blocks away from where I live and then just a summer later, going all the way to the city for school every single day. I don’t mind it though, as you can’t experience and taste the independence and culture better than New York City. The music of the city is palpable in the air, the aroma from ethnic and cultural foods, the tune of traffic, its unique to only NYC and nowhere else. I don’t think I’d trade it for anything else in the world.

At Baruch, I intend to be an Accounting major. To some it may seem boring, as math is usually one of the most hated subjects among students. Although I’m not exactly the best in math, I thoroughly enjoy that satisfaction you get when you finally get an answer right. For me, I can’t get that from any other subject. When I think of business, I usually associate it with numbers. To me, all that problem solving, the financial decisions, sifting through details and numbers and weaving together something important, it all stems from accounting. I think Accounting is a great field for anyone even remotely interested in math.

During my time here at Baruch, I plan to study hard, make new friendships, and hope to gain new experiences that will fuel my future career as an Accountant.

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