Honors Courses

  • For a complete list, use the CUNY First Schedule of Classes and  indicate the Course Number contains H.  See how on finding Honors classes.
  • Non-Honors students with a 3.5 GPA may register for an Honors course in CUNY first  if a space is available without special permission from Honors; non-Honors students with a 3.4 GPA may request special permission for an available class from Douglas Medina. (See ALSO, joining Honors as a Provost’s Scholar).

WIR title box

The Sidney Harman Writer-in-Residence Program 

Fall 2019 Course: Beth Macy’s Writing from the Margins: Outsiders and Underdogs 

To participate in the Harman Writer-In-Residence Program: Applications required, apply early! 

Questions?  Contact Prof. Bridgett Davis.

Feit title boxFeit Interdisciplinary Seminars* Fall 2019

Prerequisite: ENG 2150, junior or senior standing, 6 credits in the humanities (preferably a base course in each of the disciplines of the course), a minimum 3.4 grade point average, and permission of the director of the Feit Seminar Program. To request permission, email Prof. Michael Staub, Director, Feit Interdisciplinary Seminar Program.

Feit Seminar courses:

IDC 4050H Date/Time Professors
Art of Words  Wednesdays 11:10-2:05


Zoe Sheehan-Saldana, Fine and Performing Arts

Cheryl Smith, English

Spike Lee vs. Alfred Hitchcock  Thursdays 6:05-9:05


Arthur Lewin, Black and Latino Studies

Stephen Whitty, Film Critic

The Nature of Science and Religion Tuesday/Thursday 2:30-3:45


Carla Bellamy, Anthropology

Rebecca Spokony, Natural Sciences (Biology)

featured title boxSpecial Honors Electives Fall 2019
For the complete list of ‘H’ Courses, use the CUNY First Schedule of Classes and indicate the Course Number contains H

Featured Fall 2019 Courses:

  • JRN 2500H Individual & the News PATH with Professor Christopher Hallowell
  • JRN 3060H Feature Article Writing URAH with Professor Andrea Gabor
  • JRN 4920H Narrative Writing KTAH with Professor Christopher Hallowell
  • LAW 3111H Law & Intl Bus FTRH with Professor Seth Lipner
  • PSY 3055H Abnormal Psychology DMWH with Professor Susan Locke

FRO-H title box

First Year Honors Seminar: FYS 1000 H
for new Honors scholars

Macaulay Honors College Courses


Request to Contract Honors for a course (by special exception, for liberal arts and public affairs students)