Macaulay Scholars Academic Requirements

Academic Requirements for Macaulay Scholars

Macaulay scholars are required to:

  • complete a Macaulay approved Internship experience or Study Abroad experience.
  • complete the four New York City Studies Macaulay seminars, in order, during their first four semesters. These four courses fulfill your Pathways College Option.

IDC 1001H, Arts in New York City
IDC 3001H, Peopling of New York City
IDC 3002H, Science and Technology in New York City
IDC 4001H, Politics of New York City

  • complete one Great Works course:  ENG 2800 or ENG 2800H or ENG 2850 or ENG 2850H or CMP 2800 or CMP 2850.
  • complete an Honors capstone.
  • register for at least 5 credit bearing classes per semester. You must consult your adviser before adding, dropping or withdrawing from a class.
    • For information on requesting part-time status, early or extended graduation, a leave of absence, see Macaulay’s information on Enrollment Change Status.
  • Refer to the Macaulay handbook for complete information.